Tuesday, 31 August 2010

BushCraft Info - Welcome

Hello and welcome to my blogspot.
I shall be keeping you updated with any new info I get, stuff I make and information others want me to pass on to you about anything Bushcrafty. 
You'll find several free pdf's you can download and some others that the originators have asked a fee for.
My stuff for sale will be on here with prices that can be paid via Paypal or by sending a cheque to me.

I hope you find loads to help and inform you. Navigate using the menu on the left
Please remember to send anything you want to pass on to others yourself using the email address at the bottom of the page
Some of the stuff I've made:
Job lot of strikers made for a school

Dutch Oven lid lifter
A pike shaped WK flint striker

Perch shaped flint striker

From this
The ultimate collapsible grill

    to this in seconds
View from the top

A standard poker and one with a log hook
  £12 & £14
a close up of the hooked end

and a three hooked holder to hang the fire tools on (£12)

A WK folding trivet sprayed with heat resistant paint (£27)

£5 -£10 each
Fence at Hunstanton
Matching gate

Gypsy Flowers
Traditional strikers £7 - £12 each

A drawknife I made
Me shooting my new hand made bow
A C striker
Top of a tripod
Various prices

£35 gift
Daughters bracelet I wove
A big gutting knife for a hunter I know
A brill knife I forged
My handmade bow

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  1. great blog Kev loving some of those crook knives and firesteels! (from Dreadhead on bcuk) ;)